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 Minimum requirements to play the game good

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Minimum requirements to play the game good Empty
PostSubject: Minimum requirements to play the game good   Minimum requirements to play the game good Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2009 8:21 pm

Well, since many people want to know what is the good spec to run the game.. here it is.
The game is playable at about 17FPS. Mine goes from 8-27.

I have AMD 5200+ ( 2.7Ghz) x 2 Dual Core
2GB Ram
Sparkle Nvidia 8600GT 512 MB DDR2 ( will get an extra cooler, so will have 2, because mine has some problems - non Gta related )
26GB of free space
Windows XP Service Pack 3, original.

I'm running on 1024x768 - 70HZ - My monitor is 19''
- Vehicle density 17
- Shadow density 0...
- Detail distance 8
- View distance 10

Render quality is very high.

If you want to play this game at the average FPS 17, then you would give about..

AMD 5200 = 60 -80 €
2GB RAM = 20 -60 €
GF 8600GT 512MB DDR2 = 40-70 €
Hard disk 400GB = 20 - 70 €

You can get this to play latest games, I mean so you can at least play it normally, 15-30 PFS.
It will cost you about 200€. While I recommend you to give 167 € for Quad Core 2.66 Ghz, 4GB of ram and ATI 4850 with 1GB DDR3 Ram.. That, would cost about 550 €. But it's to play this game at 30-60 PFS.

Hope it helps some of you guys, the game is good but my GPU gets too hot every 15 min that's why I play it for 15 min Smile ( not Gta's fault, happens on other games too)
When I get my cooling done, I will probably see how awesome this game is.
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Minimum requirements to play the game good
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